The Amplified Acoustic Band is a rootsy new band with blues, folk and soul influences and a sound as unique as their line-up. There is quite simply no other band like them in the Czech Republic. Based in Prague, they are fronted by acclaimed English songwriter, singer and outstanding guitar player Jamie Marshall, who is joined by three very experienced and exceptional musicians, all well known on the Czech live music and studio scenes.
Delivering an eclectic mix of Jamie original songs and their signature arrangements of a broad range of covers, the band distinctive sound comes not just from the voices of their two lead singers: Jamie himself and Svatka Hlávková Štepánková (who also plays double bass), but also from their all acoustic instrumentation.  Patch them into a PA system and they can rock the house too .. just like they do at festivals and clubs all over the country.
The Band have regular club gigs and open-air concerts within the Czech Republic and abroad (London, Dresden etc.) and have recently , released their debut studio CD "Now.Here.This.". Comprised of 13 tracks the music is a mix of original material and some carefully chosen covers. The Amplified Acoustic Band are a one-off. Charismatic, individual, musically divergent and distinguished by their world class vocals and instrumental excellence, they have an unparalleled ability to plug right into an audience and lead them on a magical musical journey.



Jamie was part of the London live music scene for more than twenty years. During that time he worked with such names as Don McLean, The Blues Band, Paul Young and Los Pacaminos, Glenn Tillbrook and British blues legend Long John Baldry. The tour with McLean was concluded with a unique version of the song "American Pie" being recorded at EMI Abbey Road Studios for BBC television programme "Top Of The Pops". He regularly plays on festivals, clubs and tv programmes in The Czech Republic where he currently lives. He has shared a stage with Vlasta Redl, Slávek Janoušek and Věra Martinová, with whom he has recorded a few CDs and was ofr 7 years a member of her backing band.


A singer, songwriter and doublebass player, Svatka is a very distinctive and influential character in the Czech acoustic and roots music scene. She has collaborated with many artists and and has contributed to several studio recordings. In 1999 she was nominated as singer of the year by the Czech Bluegrass Music Association. In 2002, Svatka accompanied American singer Chris Jones on his European tour. 2007 saw the release of the album "For you" by the band P.R.S.T. of which she was a founding member, and in 2009, Svatka collaborated with Czech music star Vera Martinova on the album "Křídel se nezříkám". She is an "in demand musician" who brings a broader dimension to the sound of the Amplified Acoustic Band.


A graduate of a Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague Radek studied under professor Milan Tesař and Jaroslav Šindler. Currently he plays in bands such as Cimpr Campr, Lemon Nashville and his Golden Killers and co-works with Jamie Marshall and Věra Martinová, with whom he has recorded two studio records. In the past he played in bands such as P.R.S.T., Fifty Fingers, The Revue and has worked with Pavel Bobek, Míša Leicht and Jimmy Bozeman.


A player with blues roots also playing the drums and other percussions. He played for several years with The Kingisze Boogiemen, with whom he made two records. He also cooperated with Stinka on her two albums, pop band Anebo and was in the band of the czech country singer Vera Martinova and other musicians and bands. Currently he cooperates with Michal Strnad (SKETY) and substitutes in the band of Jimmy Bozeman The Lazy Pigs.